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Welcome to Arbor Armor, formerly known as Ground Renovators, where we cherish and elevate the health and beauty of your landscape. With over 25 years of dedicated service in Maine, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive suite of eco-friendly solutions tailored to enhance every aspect of plant health care. Our approach is deeply personalized, always mindful of the environment, and aimed at ensuring the long-term sustainability of your green spaces.


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Our Services

At Arbor Armor, we’re not just treating plants; we’re nurturing a healthy, beautiful landscape with minimal effort required from you. Our commitment to eco-conscious practices ensures that your landscape not only thrives but also contributes positively to the environment.

Insect management

Targeting pests like Browntail Moth Caterpillars and Emerald Ash Borers, we provide eco-friendly solutions, ensuring your landscape is free from harmful insects.

Biological and Organic Controls

Emphasizing sustainability, we offer biological and organic options for pest and disease management, maintaining a safe and thriving landscape.

Disease Control

We combat diseases such as Iron Chlorosis and Powdery Mildew, utilizing both preventive and curative methods to keep your plants vibrant and healthy.

Vegetation Management

We effectively manage invasive species like Japanese Knotweed, ensuring your preferred plants flourish.

Nutritional Treatments

Our soil and tree injections are formulated to address nutrient deficiencies, enhancing the color and health of your plants.

Growth Regulation

Our treatments help balance plant growth, facilitating recovery from stress and maintaining a healthy landscape.

Customized Plant Health Solutions

  • We start with a thorough landscape assessment, followed by developing customized care plans for each plant.
  • Our team provides expert guidance, ensuring informed decisions for your landscape’s care.
  • We offer continuous service, with a detailed proposal post-assessment and annual treatments for a worry-free experience


Precision Root Nourishment

At Arbor Armor, we utilize the AccuFlo Soil Injector ISD for soil injections, ensuring precise, adjustable dosing directly to plant roots. This method minimizes waste, protects the environment, and guarantees each plant receives the exact nutrients or treatments needed for thriving health. Our technique reflects our commitment to both plant vitality and ecological responsibility.

Organic Plant Health Solutions

At Arbor Armor, we’re committed to offering our environmentally conscious customers effective organic options for plant health care. Our organic treatments are designed to enrich soil, bolster plant defenses, and manage pests with nature-derived products. Emphasizing sustainability and safety, these options are perfect for maintaining a green, flourishing landscape while upholding our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Latest from the Blog

Discover the latest in tree health care on the Arbor Armor blog. We cover new invasive pest threats, updates on our specialized services, and industry news. Stay informed with concise, expert insights to keep your trees healthy and thriving.

Understanding the Emerald Ash Borer Threat: What You Need to Know

Understanding the Emerald Ash Borer Threat: What You Need to Know

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a destructive pest threatening Maine’s ash trees. It disrupts tree health and poses an ecological and economic risk. Maine has implemented measures to monitor and contain EAB. Ground Renovators offers inspections and treatment options to safeguard ash trees. Vigilance and adherence to state regulations are crucial. Contact them for assistance.

Browntail Caterpillars are Here, it’s time to act!

Browntail Caterpillars are Here, it’s time to act!

The poisonous hairs from these caterpillars are harmful to people and pets. The hairs contain toxins that can last for up to 2 years. These hairs can cause severe rashes. Breathing when these hairs are airborne on your property can cause serious raspatory concerns for...