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The poisonous hairs from these caterpillars are harmful to people and pets. The hairs contain toxins that can last for up to 2 years. These hairs can cause severe rashes. Breathing when these hairs are airborne on your property can cause serious raspatory concerns for people who have pre existing raspatory issues such as asthma.

What these pests look like

The best way to identify the Browntail moth Caterpillar is lookin for the two prominent orange spots behind the head.

Where you can find them

These pests primarily infest Oak Trees & other varieties of Crabapple/Apple trees.

How we can help you manage them

Starting in late March, depending on air temperatures we can begin managing these pests. There is a very short window to treat for these insects. We use a non invasive injection directly into the tree. The product is sealed inside the tree and moves throughout the tree and into the leaves via the natural transport system of the tree. The 1st instar or baby caterpillars will feed on the leaves and perish before reaching adult size. The adult caterpillar larvae is the most concerning to humans and pets due to the larger hairs and higher toxin levels.

When these pests emerge from the nest, wind and other environmental factors can pass these hairs into landscapes. Mowing and other practices in landscapes can make these hairs airborne again. Controlling these pests before they emerge is vital to protecting your yard.

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