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Invasive Species Management

Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer has become a nuisance in the state of Maine damaging ash trees in the thousands. 

Browntail Moth

The Browntail Moth has also become a pest of both people and trees.  With the hairs, on the larval stage (caterpillar) falling off between April – May each season causing rashes, respiratory issues and health issues for many Mainers and tourists. 

Our Services We Provide

Nutrient Supplement Programs

We have different ways to get your trees and plants the nutrients they need. Starting with
soil amendment products added directly to the soil through A soil injection method. Putting
nutrients, minerals, biostimulants and moisture control products directly near the root systems
of your trees and plants. These products are designed to help correct issues in poor soil and
help your plants break down their food more easily. This creates less stress and a stronger plant
to help them resist insect damage and disease in the future.

We have other products for trees that are injected directly into the trunk of the tree to provide
immediate relief from iron chlorosis and other nutrient deficiency problems. We can add iron
and other minerals that will transport through the tree in weeks and provide immediate help For
damaged or struggling trees.

Fungus & Disease Management

In the last few years, the Spring has been very hard on plants and trees. The dampness along with cold temperatures not allowing things to dry out is the perfect environment for disease and fungus to bloom. Things such as Anthracnose, leaf spot and needle cast to name a few.

We can diagnose the type of fungus or disease you have and suggest the proper treatment at the time. We offer traditional fungicide sprays and we also offer organic preventative treatments as well. For trees, we can provide trunk injection fungicide treatment to eliminate the trees fungus and also can be used as a preventative for trees in areas that are prone to constant reinfection.

Insect Management

We manage different species of insects along with borers and mites to name a few. Everything from infestation emergencies to preventative treatments to protect vulnerable plants and trees. Traditional insect controls along with preventative organic controls which are also available. Soil injections for small trees and ornamental plants to help control scale and other such insects. Make sure when you purchase new plants to install in your gardens that you inspect them carefully and do some research where they may have come from.

Invasive insects and diseases are a large problem in our state. There are a lot of efforts going into protecting our trees in our state. Due to things coming in on plants from other States that are sold at big box stores. Please try to do your part before you plant.